Autumn Warm-Up
dance workshop
Monday - Tuesday, November 28-29, 2011

Daniel RačekSeries of evening dance workshops led by professional dancers and choreographers Daniel Raček (Monday), and Tomáš Nepšinský (Tuesday). Pump function of arms, trust towards our own body, body as a three-dimensional object, which can move in three-dimensional world. These are main topics of these contemporary dance workshops, using principles such as release, sequence, isolation of lower, or upper body parts, pushing. It´s so easy, to listen to our own body, and the mind can be relaxed.

Info and applications: +421 (0)905 344 391,

Participation fee:
One day: 6,00 €
Two days: 10,00 €
Two days including the weekend workshop Focused on detail: 20,00 €

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